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What is motorgliding?

Here at MotorGlide, we’ve been busy all year long with teaching people to fly, but we’ve also had lots of people come to us for their first ever flying experience. We’re always surprised by the number of experienced pilots who don’t know much about motorgliding – let alone members of the public! So today we […]

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MotorGlide’s first in-flight Wedding Proposal!

Club member Mike Rogers had been in discussion with our CFI Lee for many weeks about how he could involve flying and proposing to his girlfriend Jo.¬† Mike spent many weeks preparing for his big proposal; whilst Jo was at work he would sneak out to his parents’ house with tins of black paint and […]

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Decoding the Met Office 214 Form

As a pilot, it’s essential to think in 3D. A ground-based forecast of the sort transmitted after the news isn’t sufficient preparation for a flight, as wind speed and direction vary with altitude. This means that to plan a flight accurately, you need to be aware of wind speed and direction at your planned altitude. […]