Cloud Flying Endorsement

above cloud duoIt’s all change now that EASA is coming into force. No longer can glider pilots simply go off and fly into cloud without any formal training. Thinking about it, it’s a very good idea: cloud flying is very dangerous, and without some training, things can easily go wrong.

With our Cloud Flying Endorsement course, we will show you the dos and don’ts of cloud flying.



Pre-course requirements:

  • Pilot possesses both Bronze and Cross-Country endorsements
  • At least 30 hours’ experience as PIC following the grant of the Bronze & Cross-Country endorsements
  • Approved by their CFI.


turn and slipCourse Content:

  • Ground School
  • Flight using instruments while maintaining visual reference for comparison
  • Straight glide, holding headings, straight descent using airbrake
  • Turns, exit on headings
  • Recovery from unusual attitudes
  • Emergency recovery
  • Use of GPS


What is it going to cost?

  • An extensive ground briefing before going flying.
  • The flight is a test with the outcome of pass or fail.
  • The ground school and flight test will be £260.

It is recommended that you do some practice with a suitably qualified person before commencing the Cloud Flying Endorsement .

Pre-course practice can be completed at your home club or with MotorGlide just before commencing the test.

Any pre-test flight training will be charged at our non-member flying rate of £118 per hour. Most students will need at least one hour flight training before starting the test.



Attitude IndicatorSmall Print:

  • All training flights will be under VFR conditions
  • Instructor will simulate IFR conditions by use of foggles and other training aids
  • Cloud flying endorsement is for use in gliders/sailplanes; privileges may not be exercised in a TMG.