EASA glider pilot adding a TMG

Glider pilot holding a SPL or LAPL(s)

If you hold a LAPL (S) or SPL, we can add a TMG to your licence by completing a course of training and a Skills Test.

Course of training to extend a LAPL(S) to include a TMG:

  • 6 hours of flight instruction on a TMG, including 4 hours of dual flight instruction;
  • 1 solo cross-country flight of at least 150 km (80 NM), during which 1 full stop landing at an aerodrome different from the aerodrome of departure shall be performed;
  • Skill test to demonstrate an adequate level of practical skill in a TMG.
  • During this skill test, the applicant shall also demonstrate to the examiner an adequate level of theoretical knowledge for the TMG in the following subjects: Principles of flight, Operational procedures, Flight performance and planning, Aircraft general knowledge, Navigation.

Refer to FCL.135.S LAPL(S) for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: You must hold a LAPL(S) before starting the course. See the BGA website for the pilot conversion forms.

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