14519797_1780948495526203_6453799860752348387_nTo convert your LAPL(S) or SPL to a LAPL(A) you will need to complete the following…..

Before upgrading.

The General Aviation Department have defined the requirements for the issue of a LAPL(A) TMG based on holding an SPL/LAPL(S). The requirements as detailed in FCL.110.A (LAPL(A)) require you to comply with the requirements of FCL.135.A LAPL(A). The CAA with therefore require the following before starting your license upgrade:

- 21 hours P1 on TMG after LAPL(S) or SPL issue.

Additional Training.

Evidence that you have completed 3 hours of flight instruction with a Training Provider that is a DTO or ATO able to conduct training for a LAPL(A) TMG. This training must consist of:

3 hours of flight instruction, including:

(i) 10 dual take-offs and landings, and

(ii) 10 supervised solo take-offs and landings.

Additionally you must undertake a LAPL(A) TMG skill test with an examiner authorised to conduct this test.


Forms required:

SRG2127 – Examiner Report

SRG1105A – PPL/LAPLĀ application

SRG1107 – Course Completion Certificate

Certified copies of log book.