NPPL SLMG (Glider Pilot conversion)

npplAt MotorGlide, our instructors have taken many glider pilots through their training to issue them with a NPPL.

Motorgliding is a great addition to gliding. On those low inversion days when there are no thermals, or in winter when soaring is limited, a motorglider can keep you flying and practising those gliding skills.

Above all, most people find the cost savings are huge compared to other types of powered aircraft. Our self-hire prices are almost 50% cheaper than SEP aircraft.

We can teach club members for NPPL for as little as £99 per hour (or even less if you join our frequent flyer scheme), offering an online booking system and 7 days a week training.

Pre-course requirements: 

  • Hold a BGA Glider Pilots Licence
  • Hold a valid NPPL Medical Self-Declaration or EASA Class medical certificate

Course Content:

  • 10 hours of flying training on a motorglider under the supervision of a FI
  • 1 hour dual instruction in stall/spin awareness and avoidance
  • 1 hour dual instrument appreciation
  • 1 hour supervised solo flight.
  • Complete EASA PPL theoretical examinations
  • Pass the NPPL NST and GST

What does it cost?

There are no hidden costs when you learn with MotorGlide:

Join & Fly:

If you intent to continue flying with us once you qualify then this is the cheapest route:

  • Membership £30/month (for 12 months)
  • Flight Instruction £30/hour
  • Aircraft hire £70/hour
  • Ground Exams £30/exam
  • Navigation Test £90 + Flying fees
  • General Skills Test £90 + Flying fees

Fly & Go:

If you’re looking to learn with us then return to you home club once qualified:

  • Membership £20/month
  • Aircraft & Flight Instruction £115/hour
  • Ground Exams £30/exam
  • Navigation Test £90 + Flying fees
  • General Skills Test £90 + Flying fees

We recommend the following books and materials:

  • CRP 1 or 5 flight computer
  • Chart
  • Pens & Rulers
  • AFE Study Guides
  • Log Book

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