Self-Launch rating

Adding Self-Launch to your SPL or LAPL(s)

If you hold a LAPL (S) or SPL, we can add a Self-Launch to your licence by simply completing a course of training.

Training will be conducted in a combination of our SF25c and the Nimbus 4DM (or in your own glider)

Course of training to extend a LAPL(S) to include a Self-Launch:

  • A minimum of 5 launches under dual flight instruction
  • minimum 5 solo launches under supervision.
  • The dual flight instruction may be done in a TMG

Refer to EASA’s AMC1 FCL.110.S(c)(4)(xv) for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: You must hold a LAPL(S) or SPL before starting the course. See the BGA website for the pilot conversion forms.

Call or Email MotorGlide for more details 07976 985 689.

Our Nimbus 4 DM is one of the top performing gliders in the world, with its 26.5 metre wing-span it has a stunning glide angle of 60:1. Our instructors all hold commercial pilot licenses as well as glider pilot qualifications and are seasoned cross-country pilots with thousands of cross-country kilometres under our belts.

Checkout for more details on these stunning gliders.

7 days a week

We operate differently to other gliding clubs:

  • There is no duty rota
  • We operate seven days a week
  • Online booking system so you can book the exact time you want
  • No politics – just flying!