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MotorGlide’s first in-flight wedding proposal

Club member Mike Rogers had been in discussion with our CFI Lee for many weeks about how he could involve flying and proposing to his girlfriend Jo.

Mike spent many weeks preparing for his big proposal; whilst Jo was at work he would sneak out to his parents’ house with tins of black paint and draw up his giant wedding banner.

On the big day Mike and Jo came to the airfield for what Jo thought was going to be a normal local flight. What Jo wasn’t aware of was what Mike had prepared: he had booked a restaurant and hotel, his parents had hidden a picnic at the airfield for the couple’s return, and most sneaky of all, Mike had packed an overnight bag for Jo without her realising (although whilst sitting in the car at home she did wonder what Mike was up to taking so long to lock up the house!).

Mike and Jo took off in Wilhelm and flew over Mike’s banner. He proposed to Jo in-flight and of course she said yes!

Huge congratulations to Mike Rogers & Jo Illingworth :)


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