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Aerotow Launch Rating

Adding an Aerotow Launch rating to your gliding licence.

If you hold a LAPL(S) or SPL, we can add an Aerotow Launch rating to your licence by simply completing a course of training and a signature in your logbook. 

At MotorGlide, we conduct our Aerotow launch training course in our fabulous, newly refurbished K13.

As part of your course of training, you’ll need to complete the following:

  • 5 launches under dual flight instruction (minimum)
  • 5 solo launches under supervision
  • Signature in your logbook by the Head of Training

For full details, please refer to EASA’s AMC1 SFCL.155 (a) (2). 

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to hold a LAPL(S) or SPL before starting this course. Unless you wish us to issue a BGA aerotow rating (training as required).

Glider pilot training, 7 days a week

We operate differently to other gliding clubs:

  • There’s no duty rota
  • We operate seven days a week, all year round
  • Online booking system so you can book the exact time you want to fly
  • No politics – just flying!

Book your aerotow launch rating

To book your aerotow launch rating, call us on 07976 985 689 or email MotorGlide for more details.