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Cross Country Endorsement

Want to take your flying to new heights?

If you’re a glider pilot and you’re flying TMG on a LAPL(S) or SPL, you might be looking to develop your flying skills by adding a Single Engine Piston (SEP) rating to your licence. However, it’s not currently possible to add SEP to your gliding licence, so whether you want to become a tug pilot or go commercial, you’ll be needing a LAPL(A).

We can help you convert your licence with a short course of training and a skills test here at MotorGlide. As the motorglider specialists, we’ll guide you through what’s involved in converting to LAPL(A) and our team of friendly examiners are on hand when you’re ready for test.

How long will it take?

We always try to ensure that you complete the Cross Country Endorsement in one day.

How much will it cost?

  • PRICE - The complete endorsement, which includes 2 hours’ flying and 2 hours ground school, will be about £380.
  • Extras - If you require extra flight training it will be charged at £135 per hour and ground school at £30 per hour. Most students complete in the 2 hours’ flight training.
  • Homework - If you have a little practice at your home club and read the documents I send you before the course then you should be able to complete within the fixed price course.

Call or email us to book your training session.

What happens on the day?

We will spend about an hour talking about the briefing material we sent you before the start of the course. We will look through NOTAMS, weather and charts, and then we will discuss field landings using an interactive whiteboard, where together we will look at fields in the local area.

Then it’s time to fly! We normally try to simulate a normal cross country flight. For the first hour or so we will be navigating cross country whilst taking thermals where possible, then towards the end of the navigation we will simulate the loss of lift and start selecting fields and making an appropriate circuit and approach. We will practise this quite a lot until you have perfected the art of field selection.

What are the BGA looking for?

Field Selection Test

  • Ability to select or reject fields as to their suitability for landing

Field Landings Test

  • Minimum of two successful approaches in a motorglider towards a field landing area selected by the candidate.
  • The altimeter should be covered or the scale offset for this exercise.
  • Approaches must be flown without any assistance or prompting from the instructor.
  • Demonstrate an adequate level of judgement and skill.

Navigation Skills Test

  • Demonstrate an ability to navigate
  • Plan a triangular task of at least 100km
  • Demonstrate the ability to read an aeronautical chart


  • The field landing and navigation elements must be completed within the 12 months prior to the application (we will try to complete both in one day).

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