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Want to take your flying to new heights?

If you’re a glider pilot and you’re flying TMG on a LAPL(S) or SPL, you might be looking to develop your flying skills by adding a Single Engine Piston (SEP) rating to your licence. However, it’s not currently possible to add SEP to your gliding licence, so whether you want to fly an SEP aircraft or become a tug pilot, you’ll need at least a LAPL(A).

We can help you convert your licence with a short course of training and a skills test here at MotorGlide. As the motorglider specialists, we’ll guide you through what’s involved in converting to LAPL(A) and our team of friendly examiners are on hand when you’re ready for test.

LAPL(S) and SPL to LAPL(A) TMG – requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to do to convert your LAPL(S) or SPL to a LAPL(A) TMG.

Before upgrading

You’ll need 21 hours P1 on TMG after the issue of your LAPL(S) or SPL before you can take this course.

[Note: the General Aviation Department has defined the requirements for the issue of a LAPL(A) TMG based on holding an SPL/LAPL(S). The requirements as detailed in FCL.110.A (LAPL(A)) require you to comply with the requirements of FCL.135.A LAPL(A).]

Additional training

Completing our course gives you the evidence you need that you have completed additional flight instruction with a Training Provider (which must be either a DTO or ATO able to conduct training for a LAPL(A) TMG). This training must consist of 3 hours of flight instruction, including:

  • 10 dual take-offs and landings, and
  • 10 supervised solo take-offs and landings

You will cover all this in your course with MotorGlide and you will receive a course completion certificate to send to the CAA as evidence of your training.

Skills test

Finally, you will complete a LAPL(A) TMG skills test with an authorised examiner. At MotorGlide, we have a team of experienced examiners on standby to conduct your test when you feel ready.

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