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Sailplane Towing Rating/Tug Pilot Rating

Looking to add a Sailplane Towing Rating or otherwise known as a Tug pilot rating to your licence? You can with MotorGlide!

If you hold an aeroplane licence, we can easily add an SEP Sailplane Towing rating to your licence. Alternatively if you hold a sailplane licence with TMG privileges, we can add a TMG Sailplane Towing Rating to your licence by simply completing a course of training. 

Before commencing you must have at least: 

  • 30 hours flying PIC post licence issue in the class you wish to tow in
  • 60 T/O and landings in the class of aeroplane/TMG you wish to tow on.
  • 5 familiarisation flights in an aerotowed sailplane (unless you hold a SPL or LAPL(S)). We can organise this for you.

On the course:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction on towing operations and procedures
  • Minimum of 10 instruction flights towing a sailplane (5 must be dual instruction) 

For full details, please refer to EASA FCL.805 (b)
PLEASE NOTE: If you train in TMG or SEP you’ll be limited to tow in that class.  

Training, 7 days a week

Training in our EuroFox will make completing your Sailplane Towing Rating a whole lot easier! With its 100 horsepower, this aircraft is the perfect training tool for the aerotowing job and the choice of many gliding clubs across the country.

All of our full-time, professional instructors here at MotorGlide not only enjoy and teach powered flying but also have decades of experience in the gliding world, completing thousands of cross-country kilometres. 


Book your Sailplane Towing rating with us!

To book your Sailplane Towing rating, call us on 07976 985 689 or email MotorGlide for more details.