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SPL conversion to PPL(A) TMG

Are you a glider pilot with an SPL or LAPL(S) TMG and looking to convert to a PPL(A)? Here at MotorGlide you can! 

An EASA PPL is a globally recognised licence allowing you to add a wider range of ratings such as: Instrument Rating (IR) or Multi-Engine Rating compared to LAPL(A) where you are limited only to Night and Aerobatic.  
So, if you’re an aspiring commercial pilot, wanting to add more ratings or wish to fly abroad then you will be needing a PPL(A).  

To convert your licence, you will need to complete a course of training and a skills test.  By the end you will pop out with a PPL(A) TMG, and if you wish, we can bolt on SEP with extra training and a test soon after your initial skills test. 

LAPL(S) and SPL to PPL(A) TMG – requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to do to convert your SPL or LAPL(S) to a PPL(A) TMG.

Before upgrading

You’ll need 24 hours P1 on TMG after the issue of your SPL/LAPL(S) before you can start training with MotorGlide.  

Completing a course with us, gives you the evidence you’ll need that you have completed the additional flight instruction. This must be done in an approved DTO/ATO which MotorGlide is registered for.

[Note: The General Aviation Department has defined the requirements for the issue of a PPL(A) TMG based on holding an SPL/LAPL(S) need to comply with FCL.210A a(2). The plain English version of this can be found below 


This training must consist of a minimum of 15 hours flight instruction, including:

  • 5 hours Instruction
  • 10 hours supervised solo 
    • 5hrs solo x-country, 
    • 150nm flight landing at 2 different aerodromes
  • PPL Skills test (1.5 to 2 hour flight)

You will also need to complete the following 5 powered-specific ground exams:

  • Principles of Flight
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight planning and performance
  • Aircraft General Knowledge 
  • Navigation 

To complete your ground exams, you will need to register at the CAA Portal.  

Skills test

Finally, you will complete a PPL(A) TMG skills test with an authorised examiner. At MotorGlide, we have a team of experienced examiners on standby to conduct your test when you are ready.

We’ll do everything for you!
Unlike other clubs, we’ll do everything! We’ll process all your paperwork and send your details to the CAA for issue of the license, you can just sit back and wait for the postman!

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