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PPL Ground School

While the actual flying is undoubtedly more fun, ground-based study is a crucial part of learning to fly. It teaches you the theory behind what you’re doing in the air, as well as helping you to understand the limitations of the aircraft and of pilots as human beings.

What’s more, it teaches you the laws and procedures to which you must adhere as a pilot, and how to plan a flight safely. Study for your exams with MotorGlide and you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of each subject.

PPL ground exams – the requirements

To gain your pilot’s licence, you’ll have to pass nine multiple-choice ground exams. These are:

  • Air Law
  • Operational Procedures
  • Navigation
  • Flight Planning and Performance
  • Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications/RT

You can study for them on your own at home, but if that sounds a bit of a tall order, don’t worry – we can help! You can study for your ground school with us whether you’re doing your flight training with us or not.

PPL ground school training from a commercially licensed pilot

At MotorGlide, we offer PPL/NPPL/LAPL ground school, combining classroom-based lectures with sitting the exams. You’ll be taught by our CFI and Ground Examiner, Lee Ingram, who’s passed the even more gruelling ATPL exams (all 14 of them!), so you’re in safe hands.

PPL ground school study with MotorGlide costs just £30 per hour, and there is a £30 examination fee per exam.

PPL study books and revision guides

We do recommend you supplement your ground school courses with a bit of reading at home. We’re able to source, at a discounted rate, all the PPL ground school books you might wish to use for private study at home. We are also able to recommend good PPL revision apps for you to download onto your smartphone.

Contact MotorGlide today to book your PPL ground school!

PPL Ground School

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