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Formation Training

Fly in close formation with our highly experienced instructors who will ensure your experience is both safe and fun!

Safety is number one! So at the start of your course we'll be looking at breaks, rejoins, loose formation and emergencies.

Legally, all that is required to fly in close formation is the prior agreement of the aircraft commanders whilst on the ground.  However, we strongly recommend that graduates of our formation training ONLY fly in formation either with other Motorglide graduates or pilots who have received recognised formal formation training.

Our courses are unique by using the SF25 motorglider as our platform trainer, these aircraft are ideal due to their grace in the sky and slower speed compared to full aerobatic aircraft used by other schools.

Bronze Formation Course:

  • Introduction to formation theory, collision avoidance, breaks joins and safety.
  • Line astern, echelon and formation changes.
  • Ground school.
  • Day 1 - 3 sorties.

Silver Formation Course:

  • Continuation of bronze course. 
  • Formation changes and turning joins.
  • Tailchasing.
  • Students may attain solo standard at the end of this course (but this is not guaranteed).
  • Day 2 - 6 sorties total.

Gold Formation Course:

  • Continuation of silver course.
  • Taking formation lead, which will include briefing, planning, positioning, lead changes and emergencies.
  • Day 3 - 9 Sorties total
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Whatever your flying goals, our friendly team of instructors and examiners can help you achieve them with our renowned flight training at Bicester Aerodrome.



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