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Price List

Visiting Pilot - for a course of training

Flying Fees

Aircraft Hire

SF25c > £140/hr

Instructor Fees

£35/hr instructor

EuroFox > £150/hr

£170 – New Rating
£99 – Renewal


- Included - all prices include fuel & home landing fees.
- Not included - Aircraft rates do not include instructor fees. Instructors are paid directly by you, at £35 per hour.

RT License

Ground School  £40



Ground & Flight Instruction £35 / hr
Instruction in own aircraft £70 / hr


Licensing Signing - Revalidation (every 2 years)

Class Rating Revalidation – license signing £30 / hr
License application assistance – admin £20 / hr


Membership (if you wish to solo hire)

Membership Fees  

£45/month (available after your 1st 6 months)

Solo Aircraft Hire (not within a training course)

SF25c  > £100/hr

EuroFox  >  Not avaliable


- You must be a member
- Included > all prices include fuel.
- Not included > home landing fees

Introductory Flights (members of the public)

Extend your flight by 15 minutes > Buy Now

Extend your flight by 30 minutes > Buy Now

Only use the Buy Now if approved by MotorGlide staff.

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Whatever your flying goals, our friendly team of instructors and examiners can help you achieve them with our renowned flight training at Bicester Aerodrome.



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