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Tailwheel conversion

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A tail wheel conversion is simply a signature by your instructor in your log book.

Typically a minimum of 5 hours training is needed to attain a basic skill level.

This will include:

  • Theory,
  • Ground handling,
  • Standard take offs
  • Three point landings,
  • Crosswind operations,
  • Go around procedures
  • Wheeler landings.

Perhaps a few more hours may be necessary to achieve full competency in stronger crosswinds and wheeler landings, as significantly it’s in crosswinds that tailwheel types can be more challenging.

The EuroFox we use for training is a great teaching aeroplane with all the classic tail wheel characteristics, but not so radically as to be unmanageable by a pilot new to the type.

After gaining your rating there is the opportunity to further enhance your skills and enjoy the EuroFox’s short field characteristics with visits to local farm strips.

All training is by the hour with no obligation to complete a full endorsement.

Many pilots get their first introduction to tail wheel as an hour with an instructor SEP revalidation flight, or basic SSEA conversion.

Tailwheel conversion

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